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Dr Frank (Charles) Occhino

General Practitioner


With over 43 years of dedication to General Practice, Dr Charles Frank Occhino is an experienced and compassionate doctor who puts your well-being first. After completing his medical and master’s degrees at the University of Queensland, Dr Occhino has made a significant impact on the communities of North Queensland and Brisbane throughout his career.

Beyond his medical qualifications, Dr Occhino has a keen interest in educating the next generation of doctors and has spent many years tutoring 3rd-year medical students at the University of Queensland and acting as a Preceptor for students.

Dr Occhino’s breadth of knowledge covers all areas of general practice, making him your go-to healthcare professional for a wide range of medical needs. His special interests lie in family care, paediatrics, men’s health, sexual health, and mental well-being.

Dr Occhino has been married to his wife Maria for 46 years. Together, they have raised three children and are proud grandparents to nine grandchildren. When he’s not serving his patients, Dr Occhino enjoys traveling, wine and scotch, reading, and embracing the online world.

Dr Occhino looks forward to seeing you as one of his patients at Evercare and helping you to feel comfortable whenever you need assistance from a GP.

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Dr Frank Occhino is available for a mix of in clinic and in-app appointments. Dr Occhino is currently on leave and will be available for consultations from 18th September. 
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How Evercare Works

At Evercare we offer a unique approach to your healthcare. Dr Chow has capped her patient numbers so that she has more time to get to know her patients and to have availability to see them; right when they need it. As health concerns frequently take more than one Dr’s visit, Evercare charges a low monthly fee and provides you with fast access to unlimited visits, nurse support, a handy app and a way to get answers back from your care team quickly. Consultation fees are 100% reimbursed by Medicare.

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Weekend GP Brisbane

A better service, more caring, multiple options to see the GP, shorter lead times and now being on a subscription I’ll attend the GP more regularly. Will cut down the timeframe for minor issues like scripts etc

For our Family knowing that I am going to be able to get an appointment on the day that I am needing is a big one for me, I will probably be more inclined to seek medical advice sooner. Also the one off payment each month is beneficial, what we pay a month for the 5 of us at the moment is less than what we would be charged for a general appointment at another clinic.

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