Reimagining the way healthcare should be

A highly personalised, ultra-convenient healthcare experience with the continuity of your very own family GP.

We believe that seeing your GP shouldn’t be a rushed consult with a doctor who you’ve waited days or weeks to see. Our digital first approach is infinitely more efficient and when you combine it with our planned network of physical medical centres, you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

With Evercare, you have a doctor and broader care team who are assigned to you. Our low monthly fee allows the doctors to limit their patient numbers, meaning they have the time to focus on you and to be available as and when you need them.

Our system is clever. We’ll get in touch before you run out of medications and remind you about important health check-ups. You won’t need to chase us for results; we’ll contact you when they come in and where needed, we’ll arrange some time to explore things further.

Evercare is truly connected. We link you in with a multi-disciplinary team ensuring that you can access care from psychologists, dieticians and other professionals just as easily as your GP. Evercare also allows you to add dependents to your app, meaning you can keep an eye on the health of someone you love OR perhaps someone can look out for you.

Healthcare, the way it should be.

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The team behind Evercare

Steven DahlEvercare is led by Steven Dahl, an experienced business owner, who has been working in the medical industry for the past decade. Steven started Evercare after identifying an opportunity for GPs and medical clinics to take advantage of the benefits of telehealth, whilst continuing to enjoy the continuity of a regular GP relationship.

Steven has demonstrated his ability to leverage innovation to improve traditional industries through his previous businesses including:

• Revelian – the first company to take psychometric testing online
• Ellume – development of highly sensitive home medical diagnostics
• SmartClinics – a GP network combining technology with modern clinics and extended hours

Evercare is currently building our team of doctors, nurses, care coordinators and allied health professionals including Psychologists, Dieticians and Exercise Physiologists. Find out more about working with us.