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Introducing a new way to access your GP. Online or in person. With care team support.

We’ll help you to have the old-fashioned relationship with a regular GP that you dream of. Where patient numbers are capped, your time is valued, small requests can be handled fast and you can choose to see your doctor online or in-clinic as it suits.

Now inviting patients to visit our clinic on Brisbane’s northside.

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How Evercare works

  1. Select your preferred doctor and an appointment time here.
  2. Complete your registration online and become an Evercare member.
  3. Download the Evercare app to manage your appointments, health information and documents.
  4. Visit your doctor in our clinic to complete your Baseline Health Check and ensure you’re telehealth eligible
  5. At the time of an appointment, your designated payment method will be charged the standard Medicare rate. Within 24-48 hours this amount will be refunded in full by Medicare leaving you with no-gap costs for appointments.
  6. Use the app to book your appointments, request scripts, manage medical certificates or ask questions
  7. Contact our care team as needed for general health matters and they’ll respond within 2 hours between 7:30am – 7:30pm.
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Same and next day consults

Don’t wait days or weeks for an appointment. Members can use the app to book appointments as soon as same or next day. If your GP isn’t available, you can see one of our support clinicians.

Extended hours care

Our clinic is open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Plus you can access fast support from our care team in the app from 7:30am to 7:30pm every day.

Fast response time

Your healthcare team will respond to in-app chat requests within 2 hours on Monday – Sunday from 7:30am to 7:30pm.

Unlimited appointments

Members have fast access to unlimited appointments with their doctor who charges no out-of-pocket fees for most consultations.


Set fee

Your membership fee provides unrivalled access to your GP and care team for 30 days at a time so you can take proper care of your health.

Consistent care

Be looked after by a care team who knows your medical history and can offer you continuity of care. There is no need to repeat your medical history each time.

Annual Health Plan

During your first month we’ll complete a Baseline Health Check so your GP is across all of your health needs.

Telehealth and in clinic

Only visit the clinic when you need to. Book a telehealth or in clinic appointment to suit your needs, or ask a question of your care team via chat.

Easy patient app

Use our handy app to contact your health team, manage appointments, view and request scripts, access records and more.

You could pay $90 out of pocket for just one appointment with a GP at another clinic. At Evercare one low membership fee gives you fast access to your GP for 30 days +  no out-of-pocket consultation fees, so you can see a doctor as many times as you need to each month, without paying more. Plus, doctors have a capped number of patients so you’re always a priority. It’s your Doctor and you’ll get fast service every time.

Are you ready for a change?

We know that typically, seeing a doctor isn’t as simple as it should be…

You might have thought that once you had a local doctor you’d be able to get in to see them when you needed to. To quickly deal with any issues you’re having and get on with your day.

But most doctor’s clinics don’t work like that

Instead, you typically have to wait days or even weeks to get an appointment with your local GP. And then you’ve got to wait in the waiting room too. Or worse still, you’re rushed and have to resort to seeing a complete stranger who knows nothing about you or your health. You may even end up talking to a bot or filling in a form online to get what you need.

And we’re talking about the most important thing you have. Your health.

And whilst you have a great relationship with your doctor (when you do actually see them), you feel that your healthcare is fragmented and that no one’s proactively looking out for you.

Evercare can change all that.

A GP clinic that lifts the standards. A real relationship with your GP. Get in fast when you need to. Smart technology that makes things work better. Proactive healthcare and flexibility.

Now inviting patients on the northside of Brisbane.

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Is Evercare For Me?

You are ready for Evercare if:
  • You would like to build a long term relationship with your doctor
  • You want to stay healthy, not just get well when you’re sick
  • You value quality medical care
  • You value your time
  • You see a doctor a few times a year (or many times a year)
  • You like seeing a doctor in whichever way makes sense (online or in-clinc)
  • You are comfortable using a mobile app for fast and easy access

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Dr Wendy Chow Evercare

Dr Wendy Chow

General Practitioner

Dr Wendy Chow is a highly regarded and compassionate General Practitioner with over 14 years of clinical practice. She can see patients at short notice and does a mix of in clinic and telehealth appointments.

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Dr Frank Occhino Evercare

Dr Frank (Charles) Occhino

General Practitioner

With over 43 years of dedication to General Practice, Dr Charles Frank Occhino is an experienced and compassionate doctor who puts your well-being first. Make an appointment with Dr Occhino and discover why his patients won't go anywhere else.

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Dr Julie OConnell Clayfield GP

Dr Julie O’Connell

General Practitioner

Dr Julie O’Connell is a highly experienced General Practitioner with a passion for providing integrative healthcare. If you want to discuss hormonal changes, menopause or holistic health, Dr O'Connell has a special interest in this area. She is also able to provide compound scripts.

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Dr Ian Walsh Clayfield GP Doctor Evercare

Dr Ian Walsh

General Practitioner

Dr Walsh has 19 years of experience as a GP and expands on his previous careers as a pharmacist and a police officer. He is a favourite in Clayfield having worked in the area for the past decade.

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Now inviting new patients

Our unique 30-day care model provides you with:

  • Fast access to your chosen GP and care team
  • Telehealth or in clinic appointments (north Brisbane clinic)
  • Unlimited, $0 gap appointments during the month*
  • In-app nursing support from 7:30am to 7:30pm, 7 days a week
  • Manage appointments, script repeats & more in the app
  • Month-to-month membership, pause anytime

* NB some procedural consultations may incur additional charges for consumables

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Your doctor, just when you need them

You might be wondering “how will my doctor be available when I need them?”

Each doctor that practises at Evercare, caps their patient numbers to ensure they have the time to deliver the care you need. Doctors also allocate sufficient time each day to respond to their patients, and they are supported by a broader care team, so that if you have a simple request, your doctor or care team can respond to you quickly. We provide multiple options to communicate, whether it be through a message in app, calling our clinic or having a telehealth or an in clinic appointment.

If your doctor is busy or not in the clinic when you reach out, our care team will either help you directly, arrange a suitable time to for you to speak with your doctor, or you can access a fill in doctor who can take over right where your doctor left off.

It’s healthcare, the way it should be.

Powered by our clever App

Our technology gives you priority access straight to your care team. Of course, you can easily book an appointment and view all of your current scripts, but you can also send a request for a repeat prescription, a blood test or a medical certificate to your doctor for review. You can even chat with our care team who will get back to you within 2 hours (7:30am – 7:30pm)  to answer your questions. Depending on your specific needs and your doctor’s recommendations, you will either be supplied with your request directly, or you may have contact with your doctor to discuss your needs further.

The Evercare app can also be used for a host of other tasks including:

  • See your upcoming appointments
  • View your vaccination record
  • Get reminders of upcoming health checks
  • View your list of prescriptions
  • Manage the health care of your dependent
  • Tell us if you are running late or need to cancel your appointment
  • Send messages and photos directly to your care team.

It’s healthcare, designed to be right alongside you, wherever you are.

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Our Clayfield medical centre

Evercare’s brand new clinic is located at Clayfield on Brisbane’s northside.

Whilst patients don’t have to come to the clinic for every appointment, when you do, you’ll love seeing your doctor in this contemporary, comfortable setting.

Our clinic is setup with the latest medical equipment, a fitted-out treatment room and supported by our amazing nursing team.

Patients do need to have an appointment prior to arriving and you can easily let your Doctor know you have arrived by simply clicking the button in our app.

When you first join Evercare you will need to visit our clinic for your Baseline Health Check. This will enable your Doctor to get to know you and your specific health needs and to work with you to proactively manage your health moving forward. If you haven’t seen this GP in the last 12 months it will also ensure you are eligible for future telehealth appointments.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Pricing – 30 days at a time

Evercare is offering a fixed price for your general practice needs. For $45 ($35 for concession and $10 for dependant children) you will have fast access to your GP for the whole month including same day or next day responses, unlimited no gap fee consultations, all the features on the Evercare App (including script and medical requests, chat etc) and access to a brand new, state of the art medical centre. Join us for one month as and when the need arises or maintain an ongoing membership to guarantee a place on your chosen GP’s patient list.

Membership fees are paid at the time of joining and each month thereafter until you pause. You can book your first appointment straight away. Unless you’re already telehealth eligible with your selected GP, you will need to come into the clinic for your first appointment. (If you would prefer to have your first appointment via telehealth and want to access this for an out of pocket charge, we have that option available too). You can pause your membership at any time.

At the time of an appointment (telehealth or in clinic), your designated payment method will be charged the standard Medicare rate for your appointment. Within 24 -48 hours this amount will be refunded in full by Medicare leaving you with no-gap costs for standard appointments.

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For our Family knowing that I am going to be able to get an appointment on the day that I am needing is a big one for me, I will probably be more inclined to seek medical advice sooner. Also the one off payment each month is beneficial, what we pay a month for the 5 of us at the moment is less than what we would be charged for a general appointment at another clinic.

A better service, more caring, multiple options to see the GP, shorter lead times and now being on a subscription I’ll attend the GP more regularly. Will cut down the timeframe for minor issues like scripts etc

Evercare concierge

Best thing I ever did was to subscribe to @evercare_health 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾. I’m grateful for the caring Doctors🩺 (thank you Dr. Walsh) the amazing staff and the brilliant APP. Best. Idea. Ever ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Frequently asked questions

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. View all our FAQs.

What’s included in my membership?

An Evercare membership provides you with peace of mind, knowing that you have a dedicated family doctor and broader care team looking after your healthcare needs. An Evercare membership gives you fast access to your chosen GP, unlimited no gap consultations via telehealth or in clinic, an extended hours care team on standby, an annual health check and a handy app to manage all your healthcare needs. Find out more about what’s included in your membership.

How soon can I make an appointment with my Doctor?

Once you have joined Evercare and downloaded the app, you can make an appointment straight away. If you have not had an in-person appointment with your selected doctor in the previous 12 months, we recommend making your first appointment in-clinic, which will allow us to complete your appointment with no gap fees, and ensure that you are eligible for future telehealth rebates from Medicare. We can also provide additional orientation around the Evercare app and your Evercare membership more broadly.

How do I pay?

Evercare currently accepts payments via credit card. You will setup your payment details as part of completing your membership sign up in the app. Membership fees are paid a month in advance, at the time of joining and each month thereafter. At the time of an appointment with your GP (in clinic, phone or via telehealth) your designated payment method will be charged the standard Medicare rate for your consultation. Within 24-48 hours this amount will be refunded in full by Medicare (to the bank account you have provided them), leaving you with no-gap fees for standard consultations.

Do I need to use the App?

Yes, the Evercare app is your healthcare companion. It is the primary way that you will initiate contact with your healthcare team. You will use the app to make appointments, have your telehealth calls and videos, ask questions of your Healthcare Team, view your medical records, access and reorder scripts and lots more!

Can my kids join Evercare?

Yes! Dependent children can be added to an adult member’s account in our app. Kids up to the age of 18 can be added to a paying parent’s account at the discounted rate of $10 a month (inc GST) and receive all the same benefits as an adult. This is managed through the adult’s account. If you wish to sign up your child without them being linked to a paid parent account, the monthly fee will be $22 a month (inc GST). Adult dependents can be added to an account at the standard adult rate.

How is my information kept safe?

Evercare uses state of the art encryption technology to ensure that patient’s information is kept safe.  We comply with Australian laws relating to the storage and use of medical data and ensure that any records kept are stored on secure servers based in Australia, with multiple layers of protection to guard against unauthorised access. For full details, please view our Privacy and Terms and Conditions page.

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