Men’s Health: Thrive with Evercare’s Brisbane GPs

Taking care of yourself shouldn’t feel like a chore. At Evercare, our doctors understand the unique needs of men and offer a comprehensive range of men’s health services in Brisbane to help you thrive at every stage of life.

Our doctors are qualified GPs who can help you with all your men’s health needs.

Prioritise your wellbeing with:

Annual Checkups: Get a full picture of your health with preventive screenings, lifestyle discussions, and personalised care plans.

Mental Health Support: Confidential counselling and treatment for depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental health concerns.

Chronic Disease Management: Expert guidance and support for managing diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and more.

Weight Loss & Nutrition:
Achieve your goals with tailored dietary advice and weight management strategies.

Vaccinations: Stay protected with flu shots, HPV vaccinations, shingles vaccines, and others.

LGBTQ+ Inclusive Services: Lifestyle information, HIV prevention, sexual health support and confidential advice. Read more.

Sexual Health: Discreet STI testing and treatment, contraception guidance, and vasectomy consultations.

Why Choose Evercare for Men’s Health?

We have three male doctors at Evercare who are well placed to help you on your health journey. All our doctors have extensive professional experience across every stage of life. In addition to this, several of our male doctors have an interest in mental health, some have experienced their own health challenges and all are ready to give you the support you need.

We’ll help keep you accountable: Sometimes it’s hard to take the time out for your health. With Evercare’s unique model, you have a doctor on hand right when you need, meaning it’s quick and simple and there is no reason to put off a consultation.

Experienced & Caring Team: Our dedicated doctors and nurses are passionate about men’s health and are here to offer expert guidance and support.

Comprehensive Services: We cater to your individual needs with a diverse range of men’s health solutions.

Confidential & Supportive: Discuss your concerns in a safe, confidential and understanding environment.

Convenient Location: Our Clayfield clinic is accessible on Brisbane’s northside and has ample car parking.

See a doctor on your terms: At Evercare, we understand that sometimes you want to come into the clinic and sometimes you don’t. With telehealth readily available as an option for every appointment, you choose how and when you want to see your GP. (Medicare reimbursements are available for telehealth providing you have seen your GP face to face within the past 12 months).

Dr Rob Kielty Evercare GP

Dr Rob Kielty

Dr Rob Kielty

Dr Kielty is an experienced GP boasting over 25 years of experience across Australia and the UK. Dr Kielty is available for a range of consultations, including across the weekend.

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Dr Ian Walsh Clayfield GP Doctor Evercare

Dr Ian Walsh

General Practitioner

Dr Walsh has 19 years of experience as a GP and expands on his previous careers as a pharmacist and a police officer. He is a favourite in Clayfield having worked in the area for the past decade.

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Dr Frank Occhino Evercare

Dr Frank (Charles) Occhino

General Practitioner

With over 43 years of dedication to General Practice, Dr Charles Frank Occhino is an experienced and compassionate doctor who puts your well-being first. Make an appointment with Dr Occhino and discover why his patients won't go anywhere else.

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