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Dr Julie O’Connell

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Dr Julie O’Connell is a highly experienced General Practitioner (GP) with a passion for providing comprehensive healthcare. With over 15 years of clinical experience, Dr O’Connell obtained her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from the University of Western Australia. In addition to her extensive medical education, she has completed three years of training in Psychiatry and Counselling. She is also able to assist patients with specific requirements around compound prescriptions and medicinal cannabis.

Throughout the past decade, Dr O’Connell has served the communities of northside Brisbane, building a strong reputation for her exceptional patient care. She firmly believes in a holistic approach to healthcare and wellness and works as an integrative GP, combining her medical expertise with a personalised approach of wellness for her patients.

Dr O’Connell’s particular interest areas include:

  • Holistic healthcare
  • Mental health
  • Hormonal changes
  • Menopause
  • Compounding scripts
  • CBD treatment
  • Integrated healthcare
  • Family care

Dr O’Connell invites you to become a valued patient at Evercare where she will help you to pursue a pathway of wellbeing.

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The easy to navigate app makes booking appointments and managing prescriptions easy, and Dr O’Connell has a great, easy manner.

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Hands down the best GP practice! Dr O’Connell and Dr Walsh are exceptional person-centred doctors who take the time to understand and listen! The staff are beautiful, the practice is fresh and modern, the app is amazing to use and the subscription style makes appointments and support so accessible! Would highly recommend this practice 😊

How Evercare Works

At Evercare we offer a unique approach to your healthcare. Dr O’Connell has capped her patient numbers so that she has more time to get to know her patients and to have availability to see them; right when they need it. As health concerns frequently take more than one Dr’s visit, Evercare charges a low monthly fee and provides you with fast access to unlimited visits, nurse support, a handy app and a way to get answers back from your care team quickly. Consultation fees are 100% reimbursed by Medicare.

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