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Posted on June 5, 2023
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9 Ways Evercare Enhances The Patient And Doctor Experience With Smart Technology

In today’s fast-paced world, Evercare understands the importance of efficient and convenient healthcare services. That’s why we have incorporated smart technology into the core of our offering, revolutionising the way doctors and patients interact. In this article, we outline nine ways in which smart technology supports both doctors and patients at Evercare, making healthcare more accessible, streamlined, and patient-centered.

1. Fully Integrated Telehealth Calls

At Evercare, we have developed a custom-built clinical management system that seamlessly incorporates telehealth. This enables doctors to have hands-free calls on their screens, while patients can communicate seamlessly via our mobile app. By eliminating the need to juggle holding the phone while attending to patients and taking notes, doctors can focus entirely on delivering personalised care. All telehealth calls are conveniently kept within our own software, ensuring a secure and efficient experience.

2. On Time Appointments

We believe that scheduling appointments should be easy. Our technology offers an intuitive appointment booking system that allows doctors to easily set their availability for both in-clinic visits and telehealth consultations. Depending on the nature of their appointment, patients can choose between in-clinic or telehealth visits. Our system automatically adjusts the appointment time based on the requirements, helping us manage everyone’s schedule and keeping the doctors on time.

3. Enabling Patient Requests

Gone are the days of waiting in line or making multiple phone calls for prescription repeats, referrals or medical certificates. Evercare’s app empowers patients to make requests directly to their doctors. Patients can request things like prescription repeats, medical certificates, specialist referrals and pathology or radiology forms through the app, and doctors can choose to fulfill the request or organise an appointment when necessary. The app even sends reminders before prescriptions run out, ensuring uninterrupted access to necessary medications. This streamlined process ensures a prompt response, allowing patients to carry on with their day without unnecessary delays.

4. Easy Appointment Rescheduling

We know life is busy and it’s easy to run late or for something urgent to pop up. That’s why we’ve built our technology to meet these demands. If a patient needs to reschedule an appointment, they can do so with just a few taps in the app. Likewise they can use the app to not only check in for appointments, but also to notify the doctor if they’re running late. The app will automatically help patients reschedule if they advise they will be more than 15 mins late.

5. Continuity Of Care

At Evercare, we prioritise continuity of care. If your primary doctor is unavailable, our unique technology enables our care team and fill in doctors to access necessary records and provide support. This ensures that patient requests are promptly addressed, and there is no disruption in the quality of care. Moreover, our system allows the involvement of ancillary carers such as dieticians or sports physiologists, providing a holistic approach to patient well-being.

6. Instant Access To Personal Health Records

Say goodbye to the days of rifling through stacks of papers or searching through text messages for important medical information. Evercare’s smart technology allows patients to access their records instantly through the app. From prescription details to vaccination records, blood test results, and referral letters, everything is securely stored and easily accessible at their fingertips.

7. Chat Directly With Your Care Team

Patients can also connect with their care team conveniently through the app. Our smart technology enables patients to ask questions and receive fast replies from health professionals seven days a week, from 7 am to 7 pm. Whether you have a query about a medication or need general health advice, our dedicated team is there to provide support and guidance.

8. Reminders for Key Milestones and Health Checks

Maintaining optimal health requires regular check-ups and timely screenings. Evercare’s smart technology supports patients by sending reminders for essential milestones and health checks. Whether it’s an annual breast check, an age-related reminder or a vaccination due, patients will receive timely notifications, helping them stay proactive around their well-being.

9. Seamless Payments and Invoicing

Managing payments and invoicing usually requires a visit to the reception desk after seeing the GP, but not at Evercare. Our smart technology takes care of these tasks behind the scenes including issuing invoices from the doctors and processing Medicare rebates on behalf of the patient. Patients can simply tap a button within the app to assign their Medicare benefit directly to their doctor. This integration streamlines the financial aspect of healthcare, allowing both doctors and patients to focus their time and energy on what truly matters: quality patient healthcare.

Evercare’s integration of smart technology revolutionises the doctor-patient relationship, ensuring convenience, efficiency, and personalised care. From hassle-free telehealth calls and streamlined appointment management to instant access to health records and comprehensive care team support, our smart technology empowers both doctors and patients. By leveraging these innovative features, Evercare leads the way in providing exceptional healthcare experiences. Embrace the future of healthcare at Evercare.


Q: Is my personal health information secure within the Evercare app?

A: Yes, we prioritise the security and confidentiality of your personal health information. The Evercare app employs robust encryption and adheres to strict privacy protocols to ensure your data remains safe and protected.

Q: Can I book an in-person appointment or choose telehealth services through the app?

A: Absolutely! Evercare’s smart technology allows you to choose between in-person visits or telehealth consultations based on your preferences, the doctor’s availability, and your telehealth eligibility. The app provides a seamless experience for booking and managing appointments, offering you flexibility and convenience.

Q: Can I access my health records offline?

A: Yes, the Evercare app allows you to download your health records securely to your device for offline access. This feature ensures that you can retrieve your information even when you’re not connected to the internet.

Q: What if I need urgent medical assistance outside the designated chat hours?

A: For urgent medical assistance, please contact emergency services or visit your nearest emergency department. The chat feature within the app is designed to provide general support and guidance during the designated hours of operation.

Q: Are there any additional costs associated with using the Evercare app?

A: The Evercare app is provided exclusively to Evercare Members as part of your monthly membership. There are no additional costs associated with using the app’s features.