Posted on May 9, 2023
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What other costs might apply?

Provided you have a valid Medicare card and see your chosen doctor in person at least once a year, there should be no out of pocket costs other than your monthly fee. Your monthly subscription includes access to your doctor and care team, the services in the Evercare app and treatment from a GP or nurse provided in an Evercare clinic.


At the time of your appointment (telehealth or in clinic) your designated payment method will be charged the standard Medicare rate for your consultation. Within 24 -48 hours this amount will be refunded in full by Medicare (to the bank account you have provided them), leaving you with no-gap fees for consultations.


Additional costs may apply if you require specialised care (eg. midwifery), complex in-clinic procedures or extensive use of medical consumables. We will always discuss any out-of-pocket costs with you first. If you require additional medical care from other providers outside of Evercare such as xrays, scans or specialist appointments, you will be charged separately from those providers.