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Posted on August 21, 2023
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Holistic Healthcare With Dr. Julie O’Connell At Evercare Clayfield

In the evolving landscape of medicine, Brisbane is seeing a surge in demand for holistic healthcare. Evercare is at the forefront of this evolution, proudly welcoming Dr Julie O’Connell, a respected female GP in Brisbane, to our Clayfield Medical Centre. Embodying the principles of holistic and preventative healthcare, Dr O’Connell offers patients a fresh perspective on wellness.

Holistic Healthcare: More Than Just Symptoms

Holistic healthcare, a term becoming increasingly popular looks at the complete health picture. Dr O’Connell, a female GP in Brisbane, understands that a symptom is just a part of the puzzle. Her approach takes into consideration lifestyle, mental well-being, and emotional states, crafting a comprehensive treatment plan for her patients.

For instance, chronic stress can manifest in numerous ways, from digestive issues to skin conditions. Rather than treating only the physical manifestation, a holistic approach would also address the underlying stress, providing a comprehensive solution.

Preventative Healthcare: Proactive, Not Reactive

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Never has this been truer than in the realm of preventative healthcare. Where possible, Dr Julie O’Connell believes in intervening before health concerns escalate. This ensures patients avoid the strain of treating advanced-stage diseases.

Personalised care with Dr Julie O’Connell

Personalised Care: Recognised as an integrative female GP in Brisbane, Dr O’Connell crafts healthcare solutions tailored to each patient that consider many aspects of their life.

Family Care and Women’s Health: Dr O’Connell is an experienced GP who takes a special interest in looking after families and understanding women’s health. From routine check-ups to specialised care, Dr Julie O’Connell provides comprehensive guidance tailored to every stage of a woman’s life. She frequently assists female patients with hormonal changes and the transitions around menopause.

Individual Treatments: Dr O’Connell supports patients to achieve their goals through compounded medication and bioidentical hormones, and works with local Compounding pharmacies.

A Perfect Partnership with Evercare

With Dr Julie O’Connell now at Evercare’s Clayfield Medical Centre, Brisbane residents now have priority access to proactive, holistic healthcare. This approach compliments Evercare’s membership model allowing Dr O’Connell’s patients fast access to medical care with the support of a care team and the ability to take control of their health through the Evercare app. One low monthly fee provides unlimited appointments either in person or via telehealth as well as a host of other membership benefits.

Evercare Clayfield invite you to experience Dr O’Connell’s holistic approach to healthcare. Read about Dr Julie O’Connell’s experience in her bio.

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