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Posted on July 11, 2023
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New Membership-Based GP Offers Modern Take On The Family Doctor

With Australians struggling to book timely appointments with their regular doctor, Evercare Health will shake up general practice (GP) with a new hybrid in clinic and telehealth approach to care.

Founded in Brisbane, Evercare is a membership-based primary healthcare service offering a fresh take on the traditional family doctor – combining the convenience of telehealth with the continuity of a regular GP relationship, all managed through a purpose designed app.
The need for on-demand, priority healthcare in Australia is clear with a quarter (25 percent) of Australians having delayed seeing a GP due to service availability or waiting time1.

In fact, 39 percent of people who saw a GP for urgent medical care waited for 24 hours or more, and almost a third (32.8 percent) of people could not see their preferred GP on at least one occasion.

Evercare Founder and CEO Steven Dahl said the provider was leading the way in Australia with its hybrid, membership-based model, offering smart solutions to impersonal care and long wait times.

“The Evercare model, known overseas as concierge medicine, provides on-demand, patient-centric care in an era where typical GP appointments feel rushed and detached,” Mr Dahl said.

“Concierge medicine has been widely adopted in the United Kingdom and the United States and we are pleased to offer our patients this enhanced accessibility, comprehensive care, and a closer doctor-patient relationship for as little as $1.50 a day.

“We’ve seen Australians flock to digital health solutions that offer huge convenience, but really don’t provide the patient with any ongoing continuity or coordination, especially when not everything can be delivered online.

“We’re seeking to provide patients with the same level of convenience and access as the digital only players but with the added safety of a regular GP and care team and a clinic to see you in, when you need it.

“We’ve taken the best parts of telehealth and combined it with the traditional concept of having a family doctor. We cap the number patients our GPs can have at any time, meaning you are always a priority and receive fast service – either in person or in the app – with the same, dedicated GP.”

The Evercare app and extended operating hours makes it easy for members to connect with their care team – through same or next-day no-gap appointments and streamlines their preventative healthcare by allowing users to manage prescriptions, regular health checks and appointment reminders.

One of the GPs at the Clayfield location, Dr Ian Walsh, was drawn to the model due to the flexibility it offers patients as well as GPs and medical staff.

“Ultimately, Evercare is a patient centred model aiming to optimise health accessibility and interaction while focussing on health outcomes which come first and foremost,” Dr Walsh said.

“As a practitioner, Evercare provides me with the opportunity to continue to deliver optimal health care to my patients, enhanced with the support of the system and app – ensuring excellent quality health care with ease of use for patients and their ongoing health needs.
“The integration of the app will allow me to support and interact with my patients, particularly with the availability of after-hours support directly from the patient’s health team who have access to their health records and history, which will be pivotal in optimising health management.”

Evercare will officially launch its app and open the Clayfield clinic to members on Monday 17 July.

“Right now, we’re focussed on launching at our flagship Clayfield location but have exciting plans to expand and offer this model to more Australians,” Mr Dahl said.