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Posted on August 9, 2023
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Priority Access To A Doctor With Evercare

Accessing fast, affordable healthcare when there is an immediate need can be challenging. The notion of obtaining ‘priority access to a doctor’ is not common in Australia, yet it’s a service many yearn for. We’ve all faced the exasperating experience of attempting to book an urgent doctor’s appointment, only to be told the next availability is weeks away. Such delays can be detrimental, especially when immediate care or medication refills are required. That’s where Evercare is different.

Why is priority access to a GP crucial?

Having priority access to a regular doctor means that when health issues arise, you won’t be kept waiting. Quick access to medical advice can prevent minor ailments from turning into major complications. Timely consultations ensure you receive medications, referrals, and other necessary treatments without unnecessary delay. This not only safeguards your health but also respects and values your time.

Evercare’s pledge to priority access

Evercare is not just about healthcare; it’s about efficient and compassionate healthcare. Recognising the urgency that medical situations can present, Evercare ensures a cap on patient numbers per doctor. This model guarantees the availability of timely appointments, making the agonising wait times a thing of the past for our members. Doctors at Evercare strategically allocate their time, accommodating both planned and unforeseen patient needs.

The convenience doesn’t end at just securing an appointment. With Evercare, members have the flexibility of choosing between in-clinic visits or telehealth sessions, ensuring consistent care no matter where they are. This hybrid model of healthcare ensures that quality is never compromised, regardless of the mode of consultation.

Engaging with Evercare doctors

Reaching out to your care team has never been easier. Through the Evercare platform, members can make requests, schedule telehealth sessions, or book appointments. Additionally, Evercare’s care team is available through chat from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm to answer any clinical questions. They promptly respond to chat inquiries and escalate concerns when necessary. Our advanced, custom-built technology prioritises requests and make it easy for your care team to respond quickly to your specific needs.

Putting you in control

Evercare’s approach to ‘priority access to a regular doctor’ is more than just a service—it’s a commitment. It puts you, the patient, back at the forefront of your healthcare journey. With this streamlined approach, healthcare becomes your proactive partner in healthcare.

Explore the world of prioritised healthcare with an Evercare membership. For a low monthly fee, easy appointments with a regular doctor is just a click away, and a user-friendly app assists you every step of the way. Experience healthcare the way it should be with Evercare.


FAQs on priority access

What does “priority access” mean at Evercare?

Priority access is a guarantee that doctors’ patient numbers are capped so you can easily book an appointment when you need one. We make sure our doctors allocate time for their patient’s quick requests (which can be done through the app) and leave some time for urgent appointment needs that pop up.

How soon can I see my GP?

In most cases GPs who work with Evercare, together with your care team, will be able to respond to your requests within 24 hours. Appointments are generally available same or next day via either in clinic or telehealth.

Can I choose telehealth for fast access?

If you have already visited a doctor at Evercare then you are “telehealth eligible”. A patient needs to see an Evercare doctor a minimum of once a year in person in order to maintain a telehealth eligible status, which means then you can choose if you see them in clinic or online.