Appointment types & Medicare rebates

At the time of your appointment, you will be charged a consultation fee which is equal to the amount of the Medicare rebate. This fee will vary depending on the length and type of your appointment. We have listed some of the common appointment types below so that you can be prepared to pay this fee at the time of your consultation.

The amount will be charged to the card you have nominated in your Evercare app and will be reimbursed directly to you from Medicare within 24 -48 hours (to the bank account you have provided Medicare), leaving you with no-gap fees for consultations.

Common appointment types

For these appointments, you will be reimbursed in full by Medicare leaving you with no gap fees for your appointment.

General consultation: $41 – $79.70
Care plan: $157 – $284
Mental health care plan: $78 – $147
Health assessment: $65 – $295

Out of pocket items

Evercare does offer the following services which are different to a standard consultation and do involve an out of pocket fee:

Iron infusion: $250 with a Medicare rebate of $79.70.
Skin procedures vary depending on size and location of excision
Please note that some medical procedures may incur additional charges for consumables.


If you have any questions about the costs to be incurred for your appointment, please ask our Concierge, your GP or give us a call on 07 3608 1400.